Npower Portal Login Info 2022

Npower Portal Login Info 2022-This article will provide information on the Npower Portal Login Info 2022. The Npower Portal Login info at 2022 is now open.

Npower Portal Login Info
Npower Portal Login Info

The NASIM Portal which is also the Npower Portal 2022 will be revealed in this article. You might have heard about the news that Npower NASIM Portal has been opened. This article will discussed everything that you need to know about the Npower NASIM Portal.

In order to see the complete details, you will need to read to the end. All the information regarding the portal, record update, email and BVN validation can be found below. Kepp reading to see the complete information.

What is Npower Portal Login 2022- 2022.

In a precise and straightforward answer, the NASIM portal is which is now open for registration, updates and validations.

There are a lot of portal regarding the Npower registration and most people always confuse them together. This article today will differentiate all the portals.

We have;

All of them have their own importance and functions. Click to visit each and find out what you can do there.

How to Login to Npower Portal Batch C 2022

You will need to know the step by step process of login into the portal. We have outlined the steps and you can see them below.

  • Visit
  • Enter your email or application id
  • Enter your password
  • Click “proceed”


How to Recover Your Npower Account and Recover Info

Have you lost your Npower account? Don’t dismay as you will be shown right here how you can recover you lost Npower account in 2022. Follow the steps and procedures that we will outline here for you.

  • First of all make sure you have a phone or computer with an internet connection.
  • Head over to on any web browser like chrome.
  • Click on Login on the top right corner of the portal, you will be led to this page
  • Click on forgot password where a window will pop up.
  • Select your means of verification such as email and enter you email.
  • Click on reset your password.
  • You will receive and email to reset your password where you can no login.
  • Congratulations! Your account has been fully verified.


How to Validate Your BVN on Npower Portal

To validate your BVN on the Npower NASIM portal, follow the steps below.

After you might have recover your account, while you are still logged in on the portal, click on the BVN validation link and enter your BVN, provide your date of birth and phone number linked to your BVN in the field provided and click on the “validate” button.

Steps to Update Your Records on NASIM Portal

After Login in successfully, you can update you records on the NASIM portal via the form which will appear upon your successful login. Make sure that all details and records which you shall update are correct to avoid issues in the future.

Npower Portal Biometric Verification.

For biometrics enrolment, kindly follow the instructions below;

  • Login to your dashboard and click the “verification” tab
  • Click the “capture your fingerprint” button to download and install the enrolment application
  • After installation, provide the required credentials and click “Proceed”.
  • Make sure the fingerprint biometric device is connected, then click on “Begin Enrolment” to launch the enrolment process.
  • Click on the finger to begin the enrolment process
  • Applicants are to enroll their Right thumb, Right index, Left thumb and Left index fingers only for successful enrolment
  • After successful enrollment, click on “Submit” to save the biometric enrollment
  • After successful enrolment, please check the “verification” tab of your self service portal to confirm if the capture was successful.


In this article, you have seen the Npower Portal Login Info 2022. The article covered other important info areas such as; Npower Portal Biometric verification process, how to update records on NASIM portal, How to validate BVN on the portal, how to recover lost Npower account and how to login to the Npower/NASIM portal 2022. We believe that the article has been useful to you. Please make sure that you follow our guide carefully to succeed. Also remember to share this article to all your friends and leave a comment behind. Let us know what you think.

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